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There is a need to organize the exchange of information between the PS "Master Tour" and PS "Master-InterLook" - how to start?

If you represent a company that sends tourists (the work using a PS "Master Tour"), then the sequence of actions you would like the following:

  1. Agree with the leadership of the host (using a PS running "Master-InterLook") the fundamental possibility of sharing in the automatic mode of pricing information, tours, tourists, etc.
  2. Sign an agreement with the company to provide Megatek plugin "module exchange between PC" Master Tour "and PC" Master-InterLook "". The result of this action is to provide you with the following documents and modules:
  3. * Plug-in to the PS "Master Tour" - "module exchange between PS " Master Tour "and PS " Master-InterLook ""
  4. * User setup exchange
  5. * How to work with the plugin
  6. Prompt the IT-department of the host company the following information:
  7. * Address Web-hosting service company
  8. * Your personal username and password (((if your company has several branches in different cities and the receiving operator is working with each of them independently, you may see a couple of logins / passwords (for each of your affiliates))))
  9. * Instructions for working with data, the host company (at the discretion of the host company)
  10. To verify the correctness of the information transmitted to you, for this:
  11. * Validate the supplied address web-service (you just specify the address in the address bar of your browser, if you as a result page will be displayed showing the available methods of web-service, then the address is correct)
  12. * Install and configure the plug-in sharing with the indications from the host company
  13. * To enter your (and) login and password to click "Check" (if the result of the test was not successful, you need to verify the connection information to the data of the host company)

If you can not connect to the web-service hosting company only through the exchange plugin (with address validation is successful), then perhaps there is a problem with the "firewall" in your company - to solve this problem, contact your IT-department.

If the problem can not be solved or the problem is not accessible through the "firewall", you should report it to the company's technical support of Megatec

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