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Разрешить написание латиницей This article describes a general scheme of work with excursions in the PS "Master-Interlook» and "Master-Interlook Web».

Excursions in PS «Мастер-Interlook»

The PS "Master-Interlook» allows the creation of excursions, excursion prices, excursion scheduling , as well as determination of guides that will sell excursions.

Creation of excursions

Excursion titles and descriptions are entered in the directory Excursions.

Excursion prices

To sell excursions firs is needed to make their prices.
Prices are created in the screen Excursion prices.

Excursion schedule

For all excursions is necessary to create the schedule - this is done in the screen Excursions Schedule.


Для продажи экскурсий в ПК «Мастер-Interlook Web» необходимо определить гидов.
Гиды для того или иного партнера задаются в экране Partner details.


To enable guide to sell trips, you must have a voucher forms, which he will use in selling excursions. Types of forms are defined in the dictionary Voucher blank types.
Vouchers are created in Vouchers.

Excursions in PS «Master-Interlook Web»

The PS "Master-Interlook Web» enables excursion guides make selling (module Guide). It is also possible to view sold excursions.

Guide module

Sale of excursions is provided in Module of Front-office guide.