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Version 12-12-2012.


Working with PC "Master-Interlook» can be conducted in either the combined mode with data exchange with PS "Master Tour" and also in stand-alone mode.


In any case, work with your PC "Master-Interlook» on the side of the receiving partner starts with the completion dictionaries (see Dictionaries). In turn, when working in the mode of the manager on the side of the sending partner must make a comparison of similar dictionaries in the plugin exchange (for details of the mechanism of the exchange with a PC "Master Tour" seeExchange engine description).
While fill in dictionary (Partners) Разрешить написание латиницей is recommended association of tour operators in the group. To do so, start the tour operators directly for information, then the information on groups of tour operators and travel agencies to merge the end with the same parameters in groups by specifying for each tour group to which it belongs. Thus, in the future if the same parameters for several tour operators can be set directly on the price of a group of tour operators.
If there are different prices for the same position for the tour and group tour operators, in which it is included, the price will be the tour operator.


At the second stage, filling in prices for services. Learn how to start with prices, see Start work with the prices.

The season usually starts with establishment of catalog prices. It can be used by a wide range of options for copying the information provided by the PS "Master-Interlook» (more on the work of the masters, see Use of copy wizards).
In addition to convenience, the filling price information is recommended to set the menu 'System Settings (for details seeSettings) Switch 'Default hotel prices policy in the appropriate position depending on whether this hotel to pay the price for or person per room. Later in the establishment of prices selected value will be substituted default. With establishment of prices for accommodation services in general, we recommend the following algorithm:

  • Set up quote type 'Ordinary' (more about working with price offers, see Cost offers).
  • Set up the base price of the net (eg Single/Standard/Adult) for one type of food for a period (for more details about the institution provides accommodation prices see Hotel prices).
  • Copy the entry and edit the field period and the prices for different periods on the living (at this point, if you know price pattern on the periods and types of food you can use the wizard 'Copy net to net' - in this case, the following paragraph is not necessary).
  • Once again, copy writing, but now can edit the copied lines for the prices of different types of food.
  • In the wizard, 'Hotel prices structure sets this residence as a variable (such as 'SglSt) (More information on using the pricing structure seeHotel prices structure).
  • Form the conversion formulas for different types of rooms and accommodation categories (for example, if the price of accommodation 'Double / 'Standard / 'Adult to more than double 'Single' / 'Standard / 'Adult, the formula is 'SglSt * 2'). In this case, you have to copy this pricing structure to another hotel with a wizard 'Copy net to other hotel (for example, if a factory price for a hotel chain with the same pricing system).

This scheme can be used only when the price of a strict dependence on another type of accommodation during the time range for all types of food. In the absence of guaranteed availability of this pattern is recommended to either use only manually copying or continuous monitoring of the correctness of filling the data and not included in the price structure of a potentially dangerous combination.
Based institutions net prices formed prices for tour operators (or for group tour operators). It is recommended to use the master copy 'Copy net to the customer - This wizard allows you to make copies for all hotel prices at once, and for some categories of accommodation. If there is no need to copy the prices from all the hotel is recommended to use a master 'Copy to customers - This wizard allows for a more detailed sample copy fields.
Next, fill rates for transfers and additional services. At this stage, it is recommended to form a package of transfers and additional services in the menu 'Tools 'Packages (seePackages)to facilitate the formation of a tour of a standard set of services.

In the case of the exchange of information with a PS "Master Tour" at this stage should also be a work of publishing institutions of price offers for partners - buyers (more on the publication of price proposals, seeCost offers - Publications).


In the final phase records information on quotas and release periods. At this preliminary training to the program is complete.
Learn more about working with quotas seeQuotas and Stops.

Features of work with the different settings

Features of the program in the calculation of accommodation services "per person"

At the place of prices per person for be aware that the price shown in the calculation of the application will be multiplied by the value of 'Pax' (the number of tourists on the service).
To the price of the service transfer calculated "per person" need in the screen Transfer prices (seeTransfer prices) removed for that price tag 'Group. Similarly, to calculate the price per person' for additional services necessary for the data to price has not been set sign 'Group.
When calculating the price "per person" for accommodation service that has a number of features need to be highlighted in a specific example.
Suppose we have a room in the room 'Double + 'Extra - two adults on the main site and one adult on additional. For correct calculation of such placement is necessary to proceed as follows:

  • In dictionary Room types make room type 'Double' and specify the number of places 2.
  • In dictionary Accommodation types make accommodation for adults on the main site (Main adults =1, a sign of Per roomshot) - for example,Ad.
  • In dictionary Accommodation types make accommodation for one adult on additional bed (Extra adults = 1, a sign of Per room cleared) - for example , adEx.
  • In dictionary Partners add this type of room and location to the appropriate hotel.
  • To have the price of the corresponding type of room combinations and placements(Double/Ad и Double/adEx).
  • When create reservation with Double + Extra need to add two accommodation servicesDouble/Ad и Double/adEx with the same duration.

Further work with this reservation is made in a standard way.

Features of the program when calculating the accommodation service "per room"

When setting prices for accommodation services at the rate "per room" to be systematic - let's say, we have a room in the roomDouble +Extra - two adults and one principal place adults are. For correct calculation of such accommodation per room required:

  • In dictionary Room types create Double room type and set up pax 2.
  • In dictionary Accommodation types create accommodation type of two main adults and one extra adult (Main adults = 2, Extra adults = 1, sign Per room is set) – for example, 2Ad + ex.
  • In dictionary Partners add this type of room and accomodation to the appropriate hotel.
  • Create a price on the appropriate mix of types of rooms and accommodation (Double/2Ad+ex).
  • In the course of creation of the reservation with Double + Extra ou need to add only one service Double/2Ad+ex.

Further work with this reservation is made in a standard way

Features of creation of individual and group transfers

When setting prices for transfers main characteristics affecting the calculation of the cost are the type of transfer (transfer types are created in the dictionary Transfer types)and characterization of the pricing Group. Feature pricing affects whether the price is calculated for the entire vehicle (sign Group is set), or per person (sign Group removed)). In this case, we should not confuse information for the calculation of transfer prices to the type of transfer. Information for the calculation of transfer prices set by the choice of the place of transfer pricing / removal featureGroup. That is, if the flag is set Group, given the price will be used to shuttle once, regardless of the number of tourists using the service. Otherwise, the price of the calculation will be multiplied by the number of tourists. Type of transfers chosen in the formation of prices for transfer (screenTransfer prices in the fieldTransfer type. This type only specifies the category of transfer (eg Individual – individual tansfers (say by car), Group – for mixed transfers (say on the bus)). In this case, the price can be as a group (a sign Group is set) andper person (sign Group removed).

Features of work with «Hotel Prices Structure» wizard

This wizard allows you to significantly speed up the place at hotel prices. When using the wizard, you must consider a number of features. For example, refill prices according to the same pricing structure (in the window'Hotel Prices context menu option 'Fill net according hotel prices structure) leads to identical records on hotel prices. This property can be used to copy the price (for example, different types of food) - while filling out the price structure of the right amount of time and then edit the fields in the resulting pricesPansion andPrice.
Be careful when copying a price structure to another hotel because Thus there is the pricing structure in this hotel will be deleted. If necessary, a partial copy of the price structure, use 'Copy filter'.

Consider the formation of formulas in a specific example.
Lets imagine we have base price Single/Standard/Adult and we need two formulas Single/Lux/Adult, Double/Standard/Adult and Double/Lux/Adult – and we know that price for Lux is $ 10 more, then forStandard and price for Double is 2 times more than for Single. To solve this task we create base variable Single/Standard/Adult (for example, SGSTD). Than to calculate Single/Lux/Adult we need to use formula SGSTD + 10, and calculate 'Double/Standard/Adult - formula SGSTD * 2', and calculate Double/Lux/Adult – formula (SGSTD + 10) * 2. We also have one more option to complete the task – we can make two variables Single/Standard/Adult (for example, SGSTD) and Single/Lux/Adult (например, SGLX). Then formulas to calculate price for Double will be SGSTD * 2 and Double/Standard/Adult and SGLX * 2 forDouble/Lux/Adult. The choice of an option depends on the overall cost structure, and in each case is individual.
This wizard is not suitable for calculating co-pays. If necessary, make co-pays it is recommended Price copy wizard, or to add those co-pays as extra services.
Learn more about working with the pricing structure, seeHotel prices structure.

How to work with the excursion program

The planning and conduct of excursions made ​​in the menu'ToolsExcursions (see Excursions). Before turning directly to the planning excursions to the dictionaryPartners to have the service provider of typeExcursion. In the case if the service provider provides any services itself (for example, travel services directly - that is,Extra Services) to add to it the relevant features (buttonPartner types ').
The further course of action following:

  • In dictionary Service List create duly tour and perform its association with the city of (double-click on the appropriate line);
  • Add this to the list of excursions provided by the Partner Partners → tab Excursion button Excursions (partner must be of type Excursion);
  • In dictionary Service List Set up services that will be part of this tour (except for accommodation services);
  • If necessary, provide appropriate services association with partners who provide them(dictionaryPartners);
  • Create price for their services included in the tour;
  • Begin create excursions - for this purpose we use ToolsExcursionsConstructor. In this form, select a tour and bind to it the relevant services.

It should be borne in mind that although the tour itself and services included in it are got in the dictionary Service List, excursion itself, in this case is not the service, and allows you to combine other services in the excursion program:

  • Choose the date of the excursion and click 'Calculate per person by date' - thus obtain the approximate cost of excursions;
  • Press the button '$' calling form prices for tours and introduce a price on the basis of cost;
  • The 'Tools' 'Excursions 'Schedule are making the date of this excursion;
 It is convenient to use a list of periods caused by double-clicking on the title of the corresponding row in the window 'Schedule'
  • Next in the screen Tools'ExcursionsSale you are working directly with sales of excursions. In practice, the procedure is as follows - a guide in the hotel sells tour tickets (ticket numbers for the guide are made in the form of 'Hotel GuidesExtra guide info)-roots of the tickets sold are transferred manager and he shall enter the relevant data in the form of Sale;
  • In the screen ToolsExcursionsTransfer planning is planning a tour of transfer - the procedure is similar to planning transfers in the screen Universal Transfer Planning;
  • The final assessment of the financial risks of excursions using the screen Real Planning.

Enhanced capacity to implement excursions provides PS "Master-Interlook Web». module Guide module gives the possibility to book tours guides in online, for example, the Tablet PC (module is specially adapted for this purpose) with connection via WiFi. This module is optional.

Features of currency exchange

For the correct display of the value of the group dictionaries Accounts, you must first correctly make appropriate conversion rates of currencies in dictionaries Exchange,Cross-Exchange rates and Private Exchange. These dictionaries have the following features:

  • 'Exchange - contains the conversion rates of currencies (all, including 'MAIN currency) with respect to the national currency(см. подробнее Exchange);
  • Private exchange' - contains conversion rates of currencies (all, including 'MAIN currency) with respect to the national currency for a specific partner (for details see Private exchange);
  • Cross-Exchange rates - contains conversion rates of one currency (other than national) to the other (except national) (for details see Cross exchange rates).

Consider a specific example - let's say, as the main (MAIN) currencies in the dictionary Default currencies set USD, and as a national -EU.
In that case, if you create an invoice in a currency different from the main and national (eg, LE), then the screen 'Partners Accounts' when selecting to display all types ( 'All ) will be displayed in the main statistics currency ( USD), reduced the rate, which is taken from the directory 'Cross-Exchange rates - in this case in the event of conversion of two records for this period ( USD - LE and LE - USD) will be taken to the relevant base currency LE, and in the case of conversion of one record for a given period (eg, only LE - USD or just USD - LE) will take any.
For the newly created application in the form of 'Reservations as the application shall be the main currency ('MAIN) currency.
Learn more about working with financial data, seeAccounts.

Data exchange with PS «Master-Tourр»

Communication between the PS "Master-Interlook» and PS "Master Tour" may be in manual mode and automatic mode.
More information on the exchange between the PC "Master-Interlook» and PS "Master Tour" seeData exchange.

Manual exchange


For plugin to work must be configured Exchange web service PS "Master Tour».
More information about configuring Web service, seeConfigure web-service.
More information about the plug-in setting the exchange with a PS "Master-Interlook» seePlug-in settings.

Mapping dictionaries

For plugin to work must be synchronized dictionaries PS "Master-Interlook» and PS "Master-Tour". Synchronize dictionaries are in the screen plugin tab 'Sync. PC data "Master-Interlook» loaded into the table on the left. When you select a row in this table automatically starts searching among these PCs "Master Tour" (to the right in the filter automatically entered a search term.) If the relevant data is not available, you can change the search criteria. If in this case, the appropriate data is available, you can add a record to a database PC "Master Tour" by clicking the 'New. More information about the synchronization of directories seeMapping dictionaries.
For features of synchronization of flights and types of accommodation seeFlights mapping andFeatures of type-category mode mapping.

Work with reservations

Sending reservations are made in the tab 'Working with reservations'.

Auto exchange

The plug-in is designed for PS "Master Service" and enables the exchange of data between a PS "Master-Interlook» and PS "Master Tour" in automatic mode.
More information about the work with the automatic exchange, seeSet up auto plug-in.

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