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How to work with the excursion program

The planning and conduct of excursions made ​​in the menu'ToolsExcursions (see Excursions). Before turning directly to the planning excursions to the dictionaryPartners to have the service provider of typeExcursion. In the case if the service provider provides any services itself (for example, travel services directly - that is,Extra Services) to add to it the relevant features (buttonPartner types ').
The further course of action following:

  • In dictionary Service List create duly tour and perform its association with the city of (double-click on the appropriate line);
  • Add this to the list of excursions provided by the Partner Partners → tab Excursion button Excursions (partner must be of type Excursion);
  • In dictionary Service List Set up services that will be part of this tour (except for accommodation services);
  • If necessary, provide appropriate services association with partners who provide them(dictionaryPartners);
  • Create price for their services included in the tour;
  • Begin create excursions - for this purpose we use ToolsExcursionsConstructor. In this form, select a tour and bind to it the relevant services.